29 April, 2015

Re-installing a Mac and the Peril of the AppStore (for developers)

So my last Mac was my first Mac since the Macintosh LC II (yep that’s how old I am). So I’ve spent most of my time since then in windows land.

Started using a mac (again…) and found the App Store to be a good thing. I use it om my phone and iPads and thought it was the thing… Until now.

A couple of weeks ago I got may bag stolen with laptop and all in it. So when I got my new MacBook Pro I figured I repave it the developer way: Automate as much as possible!

So now being a little more Mac-savvy I compiled a homebrew script and a Caskroom script (coming blog post). And I went off to the races.

Thing is every app/program I installed that I bought on the App Store I have had to re-install manually using the app store to get my license. (Examples are: Acorn, Mindnode Pro, Moom, Witch and a bunch more)

Not a happy automator :(. So if you’re into automate stuff bye apps directly from the vendors homepage when applicable is my humble analysis.

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