29 January, 2013

Podcast I Listen To

I listen to a few podcasts and get a few questions what I listen to, so here is the list.

Technology related


Good compact content, mostly development related with it’s base in the Microsoft world. But there is some content on other technology stacks to. Some stray off shows but I like that. Awesome production quality.

.NET Rocks

As the name eludes to its mostly focused at the .NET realm. Good professional hosts and a bit of humor as well. Bi-weekly.

Ruby Rouges

A bunch of really smart ruby guys drills into a topic. One of my favorite podcasts at the moment. Subjects are not only about ruby, there has been shows on pair-programming, developer environments and more. Sometimes the de-rail themselves pretty far of the track but that usually also provides useful information. Good humor to.

Ruby show

The ruby show is a very ruby focused show that once a week (mostly) goes through what happened in the ruby world the last week (which is amazingly much). I see it as a link-dump with a little context around each link.

Wide Teams

About distributed teams and how to make it work.

Herding Code

Also a few guys dissecting a subject. Mostly Microsoft focused but handles some other topics to. Pretty good but not one of my topmost favorites.

Software Engineering Radio

A interview – interviewee type of show. Trying this out, so far I think it’s so so. Think its getting booted from my subscriptions soon.

The Changelog

What’s new in open source… Used to be good but I think it hasn’t delivered lately.

This Developers Life

Awesome! Nuf said!


Yet Anoter Podcast with Jessie Librety. Short episodes and mostly interesting guests.

Deep Fried Bytes

Discussion with guests on (mostly) Microsoft development topics. Not awesome, but it holds it own.

Non development


The hidden side about everything. Love these guys. They twist and turn a subject from an economists perspective and dive into statistics and more. Might sound dull but it definitely isn’t!


SharePoint Pod Show

The best SharePoint podcast out there in my opinion.

Todd Klindts SharePoint Admin Netcast

Very good podcast, more on the admin side of things.

Swedish stuff

I also listen to some stuff in swedish

Filip och Fredriks podcast

Public Service P1

På minuten P1

P4 Spanarna


Spanarna P1

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