18 September, 2012

Reading Re-ignited

I’ve long been a person that wants to read a lot, but I seldom seemed to have the time. I didn’t want to haul massive books around on my commute because I of my sour back and when I did I often seemed to have the wrong book with me. So I didn’t read at all as much as I wanted to.

At the end of April this year I got a Kindle from my mother in birthday present. What an awesome little device! It has really gotten my reading going full steam ahead. I think I’ve read more in these months than I did all of last year. I read so much now that I have to organize my reading. What do you do if you’re an agile geek and want to organize stuff? Yep, a kanban-ish bord!

So that’s what I’ve done using Trello, check it out at: https://trello.com/b/jPveCZmg

Update 2013-09-18:
I’ve found the service Good Reads and switched over my book organizing there, http://www.goodreads.com/nippe !

Hit me with book tips and/or questions about the books I’ve read!

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