18 October, 2010

Upgrade Your SharePoint Server 2010 License to Enterprise in Pictures

This post is very basic and probably not needed for most. But I got the question so I figure I’ll put it out there and hopefully it might help someone.

It’s mostly just a bunch of pictures showing you how to go about this task.


First lets look at the present state. Available WebParts:

01 WebPart Gallery Before

As seen above, no Business Data web parts. Available Shared Applications:

02 Service Apps before

Do it

Here we go. To perform the task, go to Central Administration and follow the steps below. Make sure you got your product key from MSDN or wherever kind of license you’re running.

03 Upgrade Link

04 Enable Ent Feat Link

05 Enter Key

06 Ent upgrade complete

07 Enable on all sites

08 Status

08.1 Status

08.2 Status


Now there is a few more web parts available

09 WP Gallery After

And also a bunch of Shared Applications:

10 Shared Apps After