05 February, 2009

Getting a hang on twitter

This is just a fairly pointless rant on twitter usage, so if it don’t fall within your sphere of interest, stop reading now! 🙂

A while back I wrote a post about starting to twitter. I’m starting to get a hang of it now. The thing that seems a little conflicted in my mind is what people are using it for. Some, including myself, use it as micro blogging. That is writing short posts that are to short (and insignificant) to be their own blog post. The other camp simply uses it as the MSN Messenger status message with tweets like: “I’m at home”, “I’m at the airport”, “eating pizza” and so on. There no right or wrong here, simply a reflection on my part.

I haven’t retweeted anything yet, guess the old don’t forward chain mails instinct makes it feel uneasy.

Scott Hanselman just wrote a post on the subject of getting started with twitter: How To Twitter – First Steps and a Twitter Glossary. It’s very good and explanatory and I wished it was available when I got started.

I also wrote about my choice of twitter client: Witty. Witty is a neat app for twitter but I tried TweetDeck and got hooked. It’s really nice and the fact that you can mark tweets as read is a (simple) killer feature in my mind. Chirp looks really pretty but I haven’t had the time to try it out yet.

Next step: Installing Tiny Twitter on my Windows Mobile Phone.

So nowadays I’m: @nippe

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