09 April, 2008

Installing MOSS SP1 - The Order of Things

In my current project I last Monday ran in to some DST issues on our MOSS farm. As you can guess we had a DST (daylight saving time) here in Sweden during the weekend just before this very frustrating Monday. I experienced it by getting huge problems while trying to deploy my wsp solution packages. The thing that tipped me of was that went to lunch with a deployment in ”Deploying…” and when I got back it succeeded. As you probably figured by now we did not have Service Pack 1 installed.

So I read trough the Planning and Deploying Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 in a Multi-server Environment. It contains a lot of god info, but when it comes to to the installation procedure and sequence of things it does not do a very good job, in fact I find it to be quite self contradictory on some points.

What I ended up doing was my own installation matrix, which you can download here:

MOSS SP1 Installation Matrix.xlsx

Install matrix