19 November, 2007

Get your friends face(book)s in Outlook

OutSync_logo I was vaccuming our appartment the other day and to make it less boring I listened to an episode of Hanselminutes podcast. Yeah I know, I got a boring life. Anyway’s in this episode Scott talked to Mel Sempat (PM at Microsoft Live) about programming Facebook apps. Turns out Mel put together a nifty little tool by the name of Outsync.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a Outlook junkie. I have most part of my life there when it comes to calender, contacts, todo’s and so forth. I’m also on Facebook (who isn’t these days). So what this app does is to itterate trough your facebook friends and getting thier faces. Then it goes trough your outlook contacts and match them on names (facebook api’s does not expose e-mail addresses for privacy reasons). Then you can choose whose face you want in outlook.

That’s all neat and good, but the real fun is if you have a windows mobile phone syncing with outlook or exchange. Then that picture starts apperaing all over the place, when that person calls, sms:es and so on.