01 October, 2006

Feed Reader

A couple of months back I went on a little rampage trying to find the ultimate feed reader for my needs. I tried a couple. Google Reader, Rss Bandit, Newsgator for Outlook. When push came to shove I Omea Reader won my hart. I liked it a lot, only big draw back was that it was bound to a computer I could not use it both on my laptop and on my home computer and be in sync.

So two months back I tried FeedDeamon and after the trail period I bought it. I can have rich clients on both my laptop and my home computer plus a good looking web interface (NewsGator Online) to use when I’m at clients where I can’t hook up my laptop. It’s not free but it doesn’t break the bank. The rich client is not as competent as Omea Readers but the ability to use it on multiple machines well makes up for that.

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