02 October, 2006

Deprecated Features in SQL Server 2005

I’m reading up a little on SQL Server 2005 and found a couple of deprecated features worth noting.

  • TIMESTAMP – use rowversion instead for theese operations
  • SET ROWCOUNT – wich I often used to compensate for the lameness of TOP. No more, TOP has been doing steroids between versions and is now more able.
  • T-SQL joins – No more ”WHERE Customers.CustomerID *= Orders.CustomerID” in future versions of SQL Server only the ANSI syntax will be supported (LEFT OUTER JOIN Orders ON Customer.CustomerID = Orders.CustomerID). I’ve always used ANSI syntax but I’ve seen a lot of T-SQL join syntax in the systems of my clients.

Just to clarify, theese features are deprecated not removed or unsupported in the current version.

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