22 May, 2006

Sometimes I really hate computers

About a week and a half ago I sat by my computer att home and all of a sudden the screen went black. So I thougt my monitor broke down again (a dell 2100FP wich I already had to change two times). But after looking around for a bit I found out that the monitor was working properly. I tried to ping my computer, no response… So after thinking hard for a while I concluded that the common denominator for graphics and network is the motherboard. So I orderd a new mother board, waited for it and installed it this weekend. The system still didn’t work. So one last desperate attempt. I went to a computer store and bought a cheap PSU (power supply unit), but I figured a have a pretty new expensive psu from antec already so this couldn’t be it. But guess what it was!

So after spending way over 1000 swedish kronor I’ve replaced a perfectly good motherboard and is stuck with a psu who’s cables are to short for my chassi. What better way to spend your weekend?