31 October, 2005

The New iPod

Last week I got my new iPod, the one with video capabilities (60 GB). I never owned an iPod before, tough I have an iRiver mp3-player (flash mem). Here are some first impressions:

  • Neat! Apple knows how to make an attractive box even
  • I like the interface
  • It doesn’t seem to remember the the last song I was playing before turning it off, witch I think it should
  • If you got support for Audio Books, why make it so complicated it’s almost impossible to use?
  • Nice extras, found the sleep timer witch I missed in the beginning
  • I’m learning to use iTunes, not the most intuitive program in the world (I’m on Windows)
  • To my untrained ears the sound is awesome
  • Compared to my iRiver it felt as a complete product, while the iRiver needed firmware upgrades to work properly
  • I miss navigating trough a file-system on the player, probably just takes some getting used to
  • Haven’t felt the need to open the manual yet, that’s a big plus

So after a few days with my iPod I’m impressed and satisfied, I like it!