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Articles on Migrating from CMS 2002 to MOSS

The information on msdn how to do this has so far been pretty thin. Now it just got a little better, a two part step-by-step guide on how to…

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Telerik r.a.d editor for SharePoint 2007

I’ve used Telerik’s r.a.d Editor Lite for Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 before and I can say that it was not a dissapointment! I…


Pitching MOSS

Good post by Agnus Logan on how to pitch MOSS to customers. So I find it when I need it.


Unit testing custom property on a MCMS posting

I needed to unit test a method that retrives a value from a custom property on a Microsoft Content Management Server posting. This is how I…

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Security Best Practises for MCMS 2002

Microsoft Content Management Server 2002: Security Best Practises now available at:…


Decorating away -tags using Telerik RAD Editor with Microsoft Content Management Server 2002

I’ve latly been working on a MCMS 2002 project where one of the primary gools have been to make the public part of the site accessable…