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I'm now a Certified Scrum Master

My employer Affecto organised so that a few of us could attend Scrum Master certification training. It was a good course and we had an…


Reading Re-ignited

I’ve long been a person that wants to read a lot, but I seldom seemed to have the time. I didn’t want to haul massive books around on my…


Just read this post by Eric Gunnerson, besides agreeing with him I really love the word Scrumtbut, as in ”we do scrum, but…”. Love it! 🙂

Book Review: Practices of an Agile Developer

Practices of an Agile Developer is a book written by Andy Hunt and Venkat Subramaniam published on The Pragmatic Programmer. What first…


Is a test without an assert a test?

Right now I’m reading a, so far, good article on the MVP pattern. The article Model View Presenter at MSDN Mag. The author is taking a TDD…

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This and That 2006-01-29

Sony Reader – Is it the death of the pocket book? Probably not, but pretty cool. Project Elixir Source Code – Microsoft releases the source…

Ken Schwaber in Sweden

Ken Schwaber, one of the founders of SCRUM, is visiting Sweden in february. He going to give one Scrum Master Certification 2 day workshop…

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Microsoft TDD Guidelines Removed

Microsoft listens to criticism and have removed the tdd page I wrote about in this post. The bad votes on the page tell a pretty clear tail…

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Microsoft TDD Guidelines

It’s been spreading trough out the blog sphere. Microsoft released a set of guidelines for test driven development, witch can be found here…

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Scrum Plug-in for Visual Studio Team System

I have not gotten around to trying out Microsoft Visual Team System yet, but for you who have and like SCRUM. This Beta 1 release of a Scrum…

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Intresting blog

Found a, for me, new intresting agile related blog: Cory Foy [via Roy Osherove].