10 September, 2011

Nailing those pomodors - harder than expected

tomato0007 Been working for 2 weeks now after my parental leave and it has not been pleasant to a variety of reasons. If we exclude factors out of my direct control and focus on what I actyllay do (or should) control. The pomodoro technique was a real struggle. I’m all behind the theory, I was pshyced and motivated. But I just could not get those 25 minutes to work for me. There where a lot of interruptions, both externa and internal. So what do you do in this day and age when you got a problem? You tweet about it! So I did. @emilcardell gave me a tip working for him: do 20 pomodoros with a 10 min “break” between each.


I gave it a try, thinking “big difference between 20 and 25 minutes”… But man, that made the difference for me! I managed too keep most of the 20 min pomodoros intact. Not that I didn’t have interruptions but they where mostly manageable.

20 min on and 10 off, holy cow that’s ineffective you say. 3 weeks ago I would have agreed with you but today I don’t. The focus of the pomodoro makes (at least) me more effective than otherwise so over the course of a day I really think it’s a win for me.

Still aiming for the 25-5 rhythm. But as they say “baby steps”.