01 February, 2011

Goals follow-up 1 of 12

As my friend Johan points out, the first month of 2011 has reached its end. So how am I doing against the original goals?

Spend time with my daughter – Hell yeah! We’re still in a finding-the-routine phase, but it’s awesome.


Lose weight – getting there. My problem is that when I turn up the knob on exercise I become so incredible hungry all the time..

Weigh Curve 2011-02-01

Clean up on the attic – baby steps. I’ve gone through all cables (can you believe I hade 4 boxes of the stuff).

Learn Ruby – managed to install ruby and rails both Windows and on a Ubuntu box and create a basic scaffold app.

Git – Nope, not yet.

Windows Phone 7 App – Nope, not yet.

SharePoint Certification – Nope, not yet.

Read up on running my own business – Get started, attended a introduction seminar at Nyföretagscentrum.

Cleanout Binders – Yep, doin’ it! I had 16 binders to start with. My goal is to get rid of at least 8. So far I have eliminated 2. So 25% done. But that’s not true, I haven’t sorted the 40-50 pdf-files the 2 binders resulted in.

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