14 September, 2006

iPod De-Glorified

My earlier appraisals of my iPod all rapidly went out the window two weeks ago when it just died on me. After struggling with it to about 3 in the night/morning I finally was able to reformat it using Apple’s application for doing so. One small setback though, the hardrive shrinked from 60 GB to 16 GB!! So I’m thinking WTF, but no worries. It’s less than a year since I bought it. Apple will fix it as a part of the warranty. So, I go through the trouble of registering a request for service, drive to the UPS H.Q. and leave the iPod there for shipping to the Netherlands.

A couple of days later I get it back. My first thought: Sweet! But that’s just until I open the package and read the standard f**k you letter. Apple starts the letter by exclaiming: To expensive to repair. Then they tell me that after inspecting the iPod they have concluded that the damage to the iPod was the result of an accident, faulty handling or faulty maintenance. And that it is so expensive to repair so they cant offer me that service. Then they tell me to buy a new one. Here’s the letter, in Swedish:

Not a word of what’s broken, who I can contact if I disagree. They basically tell me to f**k off. So besides being incredibly pissed off and disappointed (I mean it wasn’t exactly cheap), I looked up the Swedish consumer law. And it states that the supplier have to prove that the damage occurred through one of the reasons mentioned above. I don’t think the prove skwat! The don’t even say what’s wrong.

I really didn’t think Apple handled their customers like this.