31 August, 2006

Long Time No Say

Sooo, this blog been quiet far to long now. I’ve been on vacation and mostly disconnected. So this week has been mostly about starting working and catching up on mail, feeds etc.

There has been happening a lot of stuff. For one Windows Live Writer came out in beta (this is by the way my first post using it). Looks really good so far. Has a plugin framework so I expect we’ll see a lot of those in the future.

Seems like Subtext 1.9 ”Daedelus” was released just today! Really cool, I’m going to upgrade this weekend. Big up to Phil Haack and the rest of the team and check out the project site.

I’m the kind of guy that relentlessly installs software on my machines to try it. But I’m no match for Scott Hanselman who uttered the words ”if it exists, I’ve installed it”. Scott updated his ultimate tools list to a 2006 version. I love it!

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