30 September, 2005

Back to reality

So, I’m back from the wonderful beaches of Isla de Margarita. Still jet-lagged and facing a dull reality again (I start working Monday). The trip was great! Here comes some words of wisdom if you’re traveling there:

  • Dollars is the shit, bring loads of it and don’t count on finding an ATM around the corner as I did.
  • Change money frequently, the dollar i stable the bolivars not.
  • Beware of the sun, it’s about 11 degrees of the equator. First day I had sunscreen 30 and stayed under the parasol all day – and still got a tan!
  • It’s unfortunately not as cheep to live there as our travel agency said (framtidsresor).
  • Rum on the other hand is damn cheep.
  • If you wanna be driven around in pimpy old chevys – this is the place!
  • Hammocks are pretty cheap and really nice (OK, my wife forced me to put this one in).
  • Don’t bring socks! I brought about 15 pairs – used 3 pairs.
  • If you’re not hitting the nightclubs in Porlamar (the biggest city on Isla) you probably don’t need long pants.
  • To know a little spanish helps.
  • Don’t stay at Puerta del Sol (Playa el Aqua), it was not a nice hotel. We switched to Coco Parasio witch rocked (thanks to framtidsresor).
  • Eat lobster! (Langustino in spanish :))
  • Visit the Mangrove swamp! It rocks.

That’s from the top om my head. I have a lot more that I can’t remember at this moment, but if you’re going there feel free to drop me a mail.

— nick

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